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#171. Write about someone who drowns and, instead of death, escapes to another world. This person, instead of dying and floating, reaches the bottom of the lake and disappears. The death becomes something of an urban legend around the town. What happens when someone tries to do the same and sees someone matching the description of the missing person in the water? 

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The #SVYALit Project: Using YA Lit to talk about sexual violence and consent in the lives of teens. Here are a few book lists and book reviews.

Because No Always Mean No, a list of books dealing with sexual assault  
Take 5: Difficult books on an important topic (sexual violence)
Take 5: Sexual Violence in the Life of Boys  
Book Review: The Gospel of Winter by Brendan Kiely 
Thinking About Boys, Sex, and Sex & Violence by Carrie Mesrobian 
What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton 
Plus One by Elizabeth Fama
September Girls by Bennett Madison  
Discussing THE S WORD by Chelsea Pitcher, a guest post by Lourdes Keochgerien
5 Reasons I Loved Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens
Charm and Strange by Stephanie Khuen
The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu
The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski
Uses for Boys by Erica Loraine Scheidt
Killer Instinct by S. E. Green

Live Through This by Mindi Scott

Sex/Consent Positive Titles: Karen’s List Christa’s List Carrie’s List

See the complete #SVYALit Project Index Here:

This is important. Could very well help those struggling to read these books. Don’t leave anyone in the dark.

because it is always important for us to know that there are authors out there writing about these issues.

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Hi, I'm editing a book and I'm currently using Word, but I think it has limited features for the task, and I wanted to know if you know of any software I can download for free that would have more features then adding comments and highlighting [like letting me change the color of the comment box, and such]. Thank you ♥


These are helpful:

  • StyleWriter 4 is fantastic. It’s an add-on for Microsoft word and has a 14-day trial period. It goes through your text, picks out “glue words”, misspellings, long sentences, homonyms, passive tense, shows your reading grade level, and more.
  • Editminion *FREE* checks for adverbs, weak words, passive voice, cliches, and homonyms among other things.
  • Pro Writing Aid is another online editor. It is mostly free, but offers more features if you pay.
  • AutoCrit offers free analysis for under 500 words, otherwise you have to pay for more text and more editing features.
  • Paper Rater offers a free service for editing, but it is designed for essays.

But they’re mostly for spelling and grammar. I don’t know of anything that allows you to add more comments and stuff, unless you have a tablet, a tablet pen, a pdf version of your manuscript, and a program that allows you to draw on it.

#170. Write about the alien immigration process. Beings from distant planets come to Earth for refuge, leisure, world domination, etc. and are shown around by people or naturalized alien citizens. The immigration offices are located in the middle of the woods in a town in the middle of nowhere. They maintain their secrecy from the general public by way of cloaking devices and, in this camp, screen aliens hoping to make Earth their new home. What happens when someone sees through the cloaking device one night and stumbles across their secret? 

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"Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life."

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#169. Write about a paper universe wherein everything is 2D and the biggest dream there is, is to become 3D and enter the 3D world. Imagine this dream as our society’s understanding of becoming a movie star or a famous musician: most people think it’s so unattainable or unpredictable that it isn’t worth trying. However, your character is an optimist. What happens when in your character’s quest to become 3D and cross over into some realm of greatness, s/he stumbles upon a great 2D garden and learns about the wonders of her/his universe. What happens next?

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Book Review: Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick



AUTHOR: Amy Patrick

GENRE: New Adult, Romance

RATING: 1.5/5

Despite its interesting premise—a woman dealing with advancing her career, getting past her own fears, and experiencing romance—CHANNEL 20 SOMETHING was disappointing. I had started the novel anticipating a funny, romantic story and while, this novel does tick off these boxes, nothing is done exceptionally well. That is to say that throughout the novel, the story felt lacking in excitement and tension. While there was clearly a defined conflict and series of events that held the plot together, nothing really engrossed me. Neither our protagonist, Heidi, nor her story captivated me and the result was something of a flat, predictable story.

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